Ikea Hack – Wire Wall Grid

If, like me, you have a love for all things ‘home decor’ then you probably lurk on the Urban Outfitters website on the reg’. I had noticed they had recently started selling a ‘Wire Wall Grid’ which you can buy in either black wire or copper but at a whopping £40 I couldn’t really justify the splurge when I have so many more practical things to buy for my new home. You know…things like plates.


Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 20.14.46.png

So imagine how impressed I was with myself, when I had a sudden (if not rare) burst of inspiration on one of my many Ikea trips of 2016. Ikea have a really great range of outdoor/garden stuff just now and in one of the ranges is a trellis called ‘Barso’.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 20.24.29.png













And guess what… it’s only £10! Bargain! I ordered 2 sets online as my local store was out of stock and it came as planned. Although it comes with the tools to join them up, like in the above picture, I kept all of mine separate as I had two different ideas of what I wanted to use them for.

The first one, I have hung vertically on my wall and have used it as a makeshift necklace holder/display. As I have a tendency to go for a chunky necklaces, it works quite well and makes a bit of a statement on what would have been a bit of a lost space in the corner of the room.


For the other grid, I decided to do a photo/postcard display grid. First of all I went onto a website called Social print and got little pictures printed of my choice that have an almost Polaroid look about them, you can also buy accessories like mini pegs and string.



Then I just took my time and created a look that I liked. I ended up having one board that was more family orientated photos:2016-07-13-20.50.19.png.png

And another that was leaning more towards a friends and travel theme:


As you can see I still need to hang my photo grids up but I think they might look quite nice with some delicate fairy lights woven in between… or is that too much? What do you think?

Anyway I was quite happy that I managed to create a look for a third of the Urban Outfitters price, or at least half of the price if you include getting the photos printed but if  you already have printed photos, it’s an even cheaper hack! What would you put on your grids? I still have one left over which I think I may put behind my bedroom door and hang scarves etc through the holes but would love to hear any suggestions.